Fresno Pacific is proud to be home to a variety of student clubs ranging from academic-oriented to personal interests. You can find a full list of active clubs for the 2022-2023 academic year, below. 太阳鸟社区总是欢迎新俱乐部的成立!


The mission of the Anime club is to invite the FPU students into the anime community to learn of different narratives through a lens of Japanese cultural perspective



The AEA had a mission to promote interest among students who are interested in careers in public education. Provide members with opportunities for developing personal 成长th and professional competence, 了解历史, 教育专业的伦理和计划. Allow members to participate in cooperative work on the problems of the profession and the community. 最后, AEA旨在提供本地的专业会员资格, state and national levels during the preparation period for a career in education.



The Black Student Union (BSU) club focuses on building a strong community on campus. We intent on meeting once a month where we will focus on important figures in our community and how we can reach our goals while leaving a strong presence for students behind us. 我们的使命是促进一个安全和欢迎的环境,将提升, 支持, and encourage Black/African American students at FPU; we will showcase unity by prioritizing social activism, 社区服务, 和我们的同龄人一起在不加评判的环境中表达我们的担忧.



作为FPU的犯罪学家俱乐部, we aspire to create a resourceful and welcoming environment to encourage students to get involved in their local communities and to help enrich their career goals in their Criminal Justice career. 我们主办与刑事司法领域有关的会议、活动和旅行.



The mission of the 烹饪俱乐部 is to create a community through cooking and dining together.



Our mission is to invite college women into Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories.



To provide a safe and fun environment away from the stresses of academia for all game lovers.



The 国际俱乐部 is a community of international and American students dedicated to: Promoting and enhancing international awareness, 合作, 文化的多样性, 以及不同国家的学生和美国学生之间的对话.


Our mission is to create a safe environment for the Latinx students at Fresno Pacific University to be able to learn, 成长, and feel united through the struggles that our community faces while Striving to collaborate in the effort of providing more 资源 and services to Latinx students.



打造一个FPU乐高爱好者相聚的空间, 放松, 建立和竞争的同伴爱好者.



Our mission as a club is to provide students with a place to connect and feel 支持ed mentally, 在情感上, 精神上, 社会功能. 这个俱乐部将提供空间来支持彼此的心理健康, 互相鼓舞和鼓励, 并了解更多关于心理学领域的机会和职业.



与我们未来的护士一起促进成长和社区. 通过举行公开会议, 连接导师和学员, 参与社区活动, and attending possible conferences we will build a strong community of future nurses that will serve with care and Gods vision.


Our mission is to provide pre-health students with out of the classroom opportunities, 经历, 和导师适用于他们的专业和职业目标.



We are dedicated to exposing interested members to all aspects of pharmacy as a career. 我们想让这些学生掌握技能, 信息, and networking necessary to achieve their goal of getting into a pharmacy school, 更具体地说, 加州州立大学药学院. 最重要的是, we want to build lasting relationships between these students and provide an accepting and uplifting environment.



我们的使命是提供通道, 资源, 以及FPU学生的出口, 校友, 工作人员, 和教师出版他们的书面或视觉创意作品. The 出版俱乐部 seeks to promote and celebrate the artists of FPU so they may not only learn about but also gain practical experience with the world of publication. One aspect of the club is the Green Light journal where we feature pieces written by our FPU community members.


学生结束剥削(S.E.E.) are a collection of like minded students from a wide variety of backgrounds. We carry a strong drive to share knowledge to our peers about human tracking in order to prevent it.



沙龙俱乐部旨在将学生彼此联系起来, 他们的环境, 通过交谈来获取食物, 服务社会, 玩得开心. 您好俱乐部 works to connect students to each other, their food, and 他们的环境. Our goal is to create a community for anyone who is passionate about getting outdoors, 农业, 社会/环保, 或者只是想找个地方认识新朋友! Our main goals include informing and educating on ways to be more sustainable, volunteering to help our community (both FPU and Fresno) and provide a space for students to cultivate relationships with each other.

Those with no environmental/sustainability experience to environmental pros are welcome! Any questions or suggestions for an event or the club can be sent to club president, Hannah Weaver (hew1@students.夫勒斯诺市.edu) or our second semester club president and fall semester VP, Magdalena Wenger, (mrw13@夫勒斯诺市.onmicrosoft.com). 最后, DMs on our Instagram account can also be a way for members or potential members to reach out to us!



Our mission is to provide students with 社区服务 opportunities by offering opportunities to work with various cultural groups, 同时赋予人们参与其中的权利,同时为社区带来光明. 社会工作俱乐部的宗旨就是帮助社区. We plan to give club members a chance in working with different types of people as well as helping them recognize the best in themselves.

关注我们的Instagram页面:@ fpussocial workclub


Our goal for the 荒野俱乐部 is to enable students and faculty to connect with nature and each other through planned activities such as hiking, 攀岩, 皮划艇, 和野营. We hope to improve collective well-being and expand the student experience beyond Fresno Pacific University through exploring the great outdoors.